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The Foreo - A Deeper Clean

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Once in a while you come across a gadget that's so good, it quickly becomes a part of your daily routine. The Foreo, a facial cleaning device, is one such gadget. To read more about the benefits of this device and to see which models are #SkinFood favourites keep reading.


Key Benefits

Launched in 2013, the 'Luna,' is its first iteration and signature model. This medical grade silicone facial cleaner was developed by Filip Sedic, whose wife Ivana is a skincare enthusiast. As with many innovations, it was a product born out of necessity. Ivana had used some of the existing cleaning brushes and tools on the market only to find that they exacerbated her skin problems, and that often bacteria would accumulate in the bristles. Cue the invention of the Foreo.


Unclogs Pores

Thanks to its specially developed t-sonic pulses, the Foreo's gentle vibration, paired with its fine silicone nodules, helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Including this device in your weekly routine helps to remove impurities that would otherwise clog your pores and lead either to breakouts or to unnecessary build up, which causes dullness. It removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil from your skin, an impressive figure. One of the Unique Selling Points of this device, is that unlike competing products such as the Clarisonic, the Foreo's fine touch points strike the perfect balance between cleansing your skin thoroughly without overly stripping it or causing any dreaded purging (where the skin is overly stimulated resulting in aggressive breakouts). Critically, it is also made from non-porous silicone, which is resistant to bacteria, meaning this device doesn't accumulate unwanted bacteria and is up to 35 times more hygienic than its competitors that feature traditional brush heads.



Firms the Skin

The vibration derived from its t-sonic pulses further helps to tone facial muscles. On the reverse side of the touch points, the Foreo features a ribbed massage surface to target acupressure points. This means that the Foreo doubles up as a facial massager as well as a powerful cleansing tool. There is an anti-ageing mode which you can select, applying the device directly to areas where we tend to hold tension and typically show signs of ageing first, such as the region between our eyebrows, smile lines etc. In a study carried out by Foreo, its users experienced 90% firmer and more elastic skin.



Improves Radiance

Since the Foreo helps us shed dead skin cells, with regular use there is a notable refinement in the skin's texture and in turn an increase in radiance. In a study carried out by Foreo, their users resulted with 100% more radiant skin after their trial period.


When & How To Use It

The Foreo can be used up to twice a day. Once in the morning when cleansing your skin and once at night when you wind down and do your PM routine. Personally, I prefer to only use it once a day, as otherwise it feels slightly excessive. Doing it first thing in the morning helps you to feel like you're starting your day with a refreshed and optimised canvas, as your skin feels invigorated after a deep cleanse, and therefore is ready to receive any subsequent skincare ingredients you apply to it. Truly clean skin, means that those ingredients that you apply after cleansing will penetrate deeper.

Simply apply your cleansing gel to the nodules on your device, a 10p or quarter sized amount is sufficient, and run it under some warm water to lather. In circular motions, proceed to cleanse your entire face and neck. You can also use your device in the shower in the morning or evening should you wish. Simply ensure you do this as your final step, so that you remove all shampoo/conditioner residue from your skin. Should you be the type of person to exercise first thing in the morning, or in the evening, it is best to use it after you work out, as it helps to dislodge any sweat or impurities from your skin, providing a deeper clean which will prevent any potential breakouts.


Check out our #SkinFood favourite products below!


Foreo - Luna Mini 2

The Luna is the classic model within the ever growing Foreo family. It comes in two sizes: the mini and the normal Luna. The principle difference between both of them, is both the overall size and the fact that for the entire mini range comes with the same standardised brush head. It also doesn't have anti-ageing ribbing on the back. Instead it contains the same touch points on both sides of the brush. If your skin falls within the "normal" category, and is neither particularly problematic or sensitive we recommend going for this option as it is more cost-effective than the Luna 2 while still delivering the desired results. Both the Luna Mini 2 and the Luna 2 have eight adjustable massage intensities which can be controlled from the middle button. They are charged by USB cable, which comes with the device. Incredibly, one full charge can last up to 300 days.

Foreo - Luna 2

The Luna 2, is larger in size and comes in several different colours which each feature specialised nodules. The pink device is for normal skin, the blue option is for combination skin, the purple device is for sensitive skin and finally the turquoise version is for oily skin. Each of the device heads alters slightly in order to be able to target each concern individually. The Luna 2 also comes with specially developed ribbing on the back that targets acupressure points with lower-frequency pulsations. This serves to both release tension and firm the skin in key areas, providing notable anti-ageing benefits. As with any cutting-edge brand, they have just released their newly launched model, the Luna 3. However, this device is at an even higher price point and is also operated via an app on your smartphone. For those who prefer a more no fuss approach, I believe the Luna Mini 2 or the Luna 2 is a perfect addition to any solid skincare routine.

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