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6 Questions with Facialist Charlotte Lawlor

Updated: Nov 19, 2020


Charlotte Lawlor is a Black Label beauty therapist and facialist with Ruuby, a mobile beauty service based in London. Whilst their services may be down for now, we decided to pick her brain and ask 6 key questions to allow our readers to gain some interesting insights from a seasoned professional.


Check out our Q & A below!


Q1. What are the most common skin concerns you come across when giving facials?

The most common skin concerns I see when treating clients would have to be ageing, dryness, dullness and a loss of elasticity and firmness. Also, clients that have acne-prone skin worry about controlling congestion and comedones.


Q2. What is your hero product/ingredient that you feel works wonders?

I couldn’t possibly choose one hero ingredient because there are so many that I love. Instead, I will narrow it down to three. First and foremost, SPF. Clients who don’t know too much about their skin really underestimate how important it is to wear SPF in your day-to-day life, all year round. (Read our blog post to learn more about why you should wear SPF everyday.)

My second ingredient would have to be Glycolic Acid. For my skin personally, there is no better exfoliator. It helps to resurface the skin without the harshness that comes with using a scrub.

Lastly, Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. It helps your skin to repair from any damaging elements it may have been exposed to. It also helps your skin to feel plump and firm. (Read our blog post to learn more about the benefits of Vitamin C.)


Q3. If you could take 3 products to a desert island, what would they be and why?

Firstly, I would take a good cleanser of course. My choice would be Decléor's Neroli Bigarade hydrating cleansing mousse. Not only does it clean your face properly, it also leaves your skin feeling fresh, hydrated, smooth and plump.

My second choice would have to be a tinted moisturiser containing SPF. Sorry if I sound like I’m repeating myself but on a desert island, SPF is definitely going to be necessary in order to protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals! My personal favourites are Decléor's Neroli Bigarade Hydrating BB cream in Medium or Natura Bissé's The Cure Sheer Cream.

Lastly, I would bring Natura Bissé's C+C Vitamin Soufflé Mask. This product would help to improve my skin's elasticity, firmness and bring back my glow after being exposed to the sun on a hot day.


Q4. Do you have any tips for those of us at home who are trying to keep our skin in good shape without access to professional help?

The best advice I can give to any client that is unable to treat their skin to a well-deserved treat with a professional, is to keep your skincare routine thorough and consistent. Indulge your skin with exfoliation and masks that you never normally get time to do due to living such a fast-paced life. Also, make sure that when you are cleansing, you are double cleansing. (Read our blog post to learn more about how to double cleanse.)


Q5. What are skincare mistakes that you've seen people make time and again that we can avoid making ourselves?

A lot of people that suffer with congested acne-prone skin are afraid to use oils, serums and moisturisers because they feel their skin produces too much oil as it is. This results in them over cleansing and exfoliating, stripping all of the oils from their skin. They then proceed to not moisturise sufficiently. This actually makes the problem worse and makes the skin work overtime to produce more oil to counteract the effects of overdrying. Putting the right oils, essential oils and ingredients on your skin actually helps to regulate the production of oil.

I also see a lot of clients that have dry or more mature skin spending a lot of money on moisturisers that aren’t helping them to achieve the results they had hoped for. The reason for this is usually because they don't prep the skin correctly before it's time to moisturise. They may not be exfoliating their faces properly or even at all, which means the products they use aren't able to penetrate the skin in order for the ingredients to work their magic.


Q6. Which are your favourite brands to work with/use?

I’m lucky enough to have worked with multiple brands over the years. My personal favourite would have to be Meder Beauty Science. For professional use, my preference is to use Natura Bissé products. One brand I haven’t had the pleasure of working with, but that was recommended to me by a close friend who works as a beauty therapist, is Decléor. I use quite a few of their products as they work amazingly with my skin.


To book an appointment with Charlotte contact Ruuby on +44 207 460 8319 or download the app.


To view her favourite products see below! Click the images to view further details.


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