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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Whilst the skin on our face is more fragile and requires careful attention, the skin on our bodies needs TLC too. With summer upon us, we decided to do our round up of top body care tips to have you glowing from head-to-toe. Keep reading to learn what these are and to see which products are #SkinFood favourites.



For the skin on our faces we typically recommend using chemical based exfoliants, whereas for our bodies we suggest using a physical grainy scrub. As the skin on our body is notably thicker, it requires heavier duty exfoliation. Nevertheless, the need to exfoliate regularly, twice a week, is still necessary in order to encourage healthy cell turnover and the shedding of dead skin cells. By incorporating exfoliation into your weekly body care routine you will reap the benefits. These range from keeping the skin fresh and even, assisting with lymphatic drainage, reducing the number of ingrown hairs you may suffer from and also helping to reduce cellulite.

Cellulite are fatty tissues which sit close to the surface of the skin. Whilst diet, exercise and genetics will play a significant role in how much of it you might have, exfoliation with key ingredients such as coffee can serve to increase blood flow and help dilate blood vessels, minimising its appearance. This surge in circulation also results in bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to our cells resulting in improved skin rejuvenation. This in turn can also serve to minimise existing scars and stretch marks.

Our #SkinFood favourite exfoliators are Frank Body's The Original Coffee Scrub and Bean Body's Coffee Bean Scrub. Both are effective and work at revealing fresher, more glowing skin whilst also helping to tighten and tone any necessary areas. Our personal favourite is Frank's Body as the blend of almond and Vitamin E oil leave your skin truly glowing, but Bean Body comes in with a close 2nd place.


#SkinFood Favourites - Body Scrubs


*Things to Note*

Leave your scrub on for a further 3 minutes after you are done exfoliating. This allows the ingredients to penetrate more deeply and work their magic.

You can also try making your own coffee scrub at home from coffee grinds, sea salt and coconut oil.



Moisturising the skin on our bodies is surprisingly not something everyone does, even though they should. Doing this daily prevents your skin from dehydration and flaking, it also adds a healthy glow by keeping your skin looking nourished, improving its overall texture and tone. It is important to remember that wrinkles don't just appear on one's face. You can also develop lines and sagging in other parts of your body. Therefore, taking those additional few minutes to moisturise all over is really key.

For this category our #SkinFood favourites are made up mostly of body oils, as oils tend to penetrate deeper into the skin. They also leave a lovely sheen on the surface, making your skin appear more luminous. The Alba Hawaiian Body Oil is a great option, it smells heavenly, is made from natural ingredients, hydrates well and gets absorbed into the skin beautifully. For a slightly more premium option, The Organic Pharmacy's Rose & Jasmine body oil is an excellent alternative. Made largely from rose, rose hip and jasmine oil, its consistency is thicker and as a result, it helps to deeply hydrate. Rose hip oil is nature's form of retinol (Vitamin A). Thanks to its regenerative properties, this body oil can help to smooth out your skin's imperfections over time. On the other hand, Palmer's coconut oil body cream sits somewhere between being an oil and a traditional cream. It is deeply nourishing whilst also remaining cost effective. Finally, for a lighter weight option, we suggest Caudalie's Thé Des Vignes lotion. Packed with antioxidants, this a gorgeous alternative that will improve the suppleness and elasticity of your skin without weighing it down.


#SkinFood Favourites - Body Oils/Creams


*Things to Note*

You can also use a standalone coconut oil from your kitchen to moisturise with. Coconut oil is not too heavy and absorbs well into the skin, whilst still delivering hydration.

If you are going to be exposed to the sun, make sure to layer your SPF over the top of your chosen moisturiser once it has absorbed, so as not to suffer any unwanted skin damage.


Dry Brushing

In the words of skincare expert and celebrity facialist Joanne Vargas, “Dry brushing is my favourite method of body exfoliation because it is multitasking; it's actually incredible as a cellulite treatment and increases elasticity.” Dry brushing entails using a large dry bristle brush to gently brush the skin of your body in an upward motion. The idea behind doing this is that, it stimulates lymphatic drainage as well as physical exfoliation, softening the skin and improving its overall appearance. With the stimulation from the bristles in the brush, it provokes an increase in blood flow. This results in the skin plumping, reducing the appearance of cellulite and uneven surfaces. Moreover, dry brushing also stimulates our lymphatic system; carrying fresh oxygen and nutrients to our cells and expelling toxins.

For this category our #SkinFood favourite brushes are Mio's Body Brush and Joanna Vargas's Ritual Dry Brush. Mio's brush has additional nodules which further help to stimulate the skin, whereas Joanna Vargas's alternative has a useful long handle which makes for easy use, particularly in harder to reach places such as your back. There are many good dupes on the market and this tool is now widely available from local drug stores such as Boots and CVS.


#SkinFood Favourites - Body Brushes


*How To*

Starting with dry skin, the idea is to move the brush upwards towards your heart in a sweeping motion along your limbs, starting from your feet and moving all the way upwards until you reach your chest. Don't apply too much pressure - the motion and the bristles will do their job sufficiently. It is best to do this before showering and then follow up with moisturising once you are out of the shower. The process should take a total of 2 - 5 minutes and should be done daily for optimal results.

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