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The Benefits of Facial Rolling

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Facial rollers have received a fair amount of attention in recent years. Since incorporating them into our daily routine, we found the results of this natural toning tool to be rather impressive. Continue reading below to learn what three key benefits they bring, and to discover which rollers are #SkinFood favourites.


Benefit #1- Reduces Puffiness

If you suffer with puffiness, whether it be under the eyes or generally on your face, this tool is your answer. The rolling motion and massage it provides over your pressure points helps to decongest fluid found in your lymphatic channels. Thanks to the double-ended design featured in many facial rollers, you are able to use the smaller end under the eyes or in other nooks to help to relieve puffiness and improve circulation. If this is one of the key reasons you are using it, we suggest keeping your roller in the fridge between uses so that the cold temperature helps to bring down any swelling you might be prone to experiencing.


Benefit #2- Plumps and Brightens Your Complexion

The rolling motion that this tool creates gives an instant plumping effect on the skin as it stimulates the circulation in your face. This in turn, can help to reduce and minimise the appearance of fine lines. The increase in blood flow and circulation helps to carry oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells, encouraging a lit from within glow and overall increase in brightness. It can also help to improve the penetration and efficacy of your products as it helps to push them deeper into the skin.


Benefit #3- Improves Firmness and Muscle Tone

Like muscles elsewhere in our bodies, our face muscles can also get tight, hold tension and slacken over time. "As we age, fascia [our connective tissue] moves from its original position, pulling the skin with it and creating wrinkles." The good news is, this tissue is highly receptive to massage and stimulation. The regular practice of facial rolling can actually serve to help reset and lengthen the facial muscles, improving the appearance of firmness, tone and definition in your face.


When to Do It?

For optimal use, and whilst most of us currently have the luxury of additional time, use your roller everyday either as part of your morning or night-time skincare routine. Should you be prone to puffiness or if you wake up to lack-lustre skin, we recommend doing it first thing in the morning. If you tend to hold tension or stress in your face or jaw, including face rolling as part of your nightly skincare routine would help your muscles to relax.


How To Do It?

Follow the lines on the face map to see which direction you should be moving your roller in. Apply an oil-based product before using your facial roller in order to create enough slip and to facilitate easy movement. Make sure to maintain a gentle pressure throughout your session in order to ensure maximum benefit. Doing this for 3 - 4 minutes a day is sufficient.


*Important Things to Note*

1. Disinfect your roller every time before using it with rubbing alcohol or soap and warm water, otherwise you could be doing yourself more harm than good by spreading unnecessary bacteria over your skin.

2. Don't forget your neck! The skin on our neck should be treated in the exact same way as the skin on our faces, so make sure you apply all of your skincare to both, and that you use your face roller in this area to further reap the benefits.

3. You can find facial rollers in a variety of materials, most commonly Jade, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. The idea is that each of these crystals denote different energies thus conjuring specific feelings within us.

Jade is the material which was used in original face rollers from China which originate back to the 7th Century. For this reason, they have a more traditional connotation and are said to signify prosperity and protection.

Rose Quartz is known as a powerful self-healing crystal which has always been associated with love and self-love.

Finally, Amethyst is said to contain stress-relieving properties. If you are in need of something soothing and relaxing, this would be the best choice for you.


Read below to see which face rollers are #SkinFood favourites!



Rose Quartz and Jade Roller

Herbivore has a beautiful selection of both real Rose Quartz and Jade face rollers. What is ideal about these rollers is that they are double-ended featuring both a large and small head. As the rollers are made from genuine materials, they retain a natural coolness to them, without even storing them in the fridge. They also come with their own pouch which is ideal for when you travel. Amazon sells more cost-effective versions of these, however, try not to go below the $20 mark as the rollers will almost certainly be made from dyed glass meaning you miss out on a lot of the intrinsic benefits found in real crystals.

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