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Step by Step AM Routine

Having gone in depth to explain the key ingredients that form the core of solid and effective skincare, it was time to create a cohesive structure and walk you step by step through our recommended AM routine. Minimal, yet filled with targeted ingredients, this combination of steps will whip your complexion into shape in no time. It will also become second nature, taking the stress out of deciding which products you should use and in which order you should apply them. Keep reading to learn which products form part of our recommended AM routine and in which sequence you should use them.


Step 1

Cleanse Using a Gel Cleanser

Start by washing your hands (as before you touch your skin you want to make sure that your hands are perfectly clean). Dispense about a 10p or Quarter sized amount of gel cleanser into your palm. Gently run a small amount of water over your cleanser while it's still in your hand to allow the cleanser to foam easily when you apply it onto your face. With both hands, apply your cleanser in circular motions all over your skin and down your neck. After you have sufficiently massaged it into your skin, allow it to sit on your face for around 40 seconds to 1 minute. What we recommend doing is brushing your teeth during this time, so that the ingredients have slightly longer to penetrate the skin.

Gel cleansers have the ability to clean your face effectively without stripping essential moisture from your complexion. Always remember, clean and prepped skin is what will maximise product absorption later on in your routine.

Please note, if you shower in the morning, you can wash your face in the shower. However, this should be done as the last thing you do before coming out and drying off. The reason for this is that many shampoos and conditioners leave a residue on your facial skin, provoking acne or irritation. By cleansing your face last, you ensure you've removed any trace.

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Step 2


Once you have finished cleansing, take a clean towel and gently pat your face and neck dry. Don't tug or pull on your skin. Patting is always the best motion. Take your spray toner and spritz it over your face and neck until a light layer has been distributed. Give it around 10 seconds to sink in before moving onto your next step. Your toner's ingredients will penetrate your skin, tightening your pores and restoring your skin's optimal pH level after cleansing (which unless corrected, throws it off).

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Step 3

Apply Vitamin C Serum

The third step in your routine is to apply your Vitamin C serum. Dispense a few drops of your chosen product in your hands and proceed by massaging it into your skin and neck. If you are using an eye cream, you can avoid this area and follow up with this step. However, Vitamin C is also an excellent ingredient to use for your under eye area. Double check that your chosen product doesn't tell you to avoid your under eyes, if it doesn't, you can use this in lieu of an eye cream as the brightening effects of this ingredient are very beneficial for this area.

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Step 4

Use Your Face Roller

This step should ideally be done everyday, but only if you have time. Once your face has a bit of slip from your Vitamin C serum, nothing feels better than to take a cold facial roller (that has been stored in your fridge) and to massage it over your face, under your eyes and along your neck. Not only will your Vitamin C serum penetrate deeper into the skin, the roller and cool temperature will also help encourage lymphatic drainage, reducing any swelling or puffiness you may experience first thing in the morning.

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Step 5

Apply Your Day Cream

Once you have finished using your facial roller over the top of your Vitamin C serum, apply your choice of Day Cream to your face and neck. What this will do is lock moisture into your skin throughout the day, preventing a depletion of hydration from occurring whilst protecting your skin from external aggressors.

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Step 6

Apply SPF

This step is crucial all year round, regardless of the weather. Take a 10p or Quarter sized amount of your chosen SPF (it should be minimum SPF 30) and massage it into your skin, under your eyes and neck as your final layer of skincare and added protection.

Please note, even if your moisturiser contains a bit of SPF in it, we recommend using a standalone SPF over the top. The reason for this is that the SPF in moisturisers are mixed together with the cream itself, meaning at any given time, you cannot be entirely sure how much protection you are getting in one pump. Using an SPF daily will help to protect you from UVA and UVB rays as well as HEV light which is emitted from our computer and phone screens. It will also help to prevent unwanted hyperpigmentation from forming, keeping your complexion even over the years.

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Step 7

Apply A Glow Booster In Lieu of Foundation

This step is entirely optional. However, should you wish to have an added glow, feel free to use a glow booster over the top of your skincare in lieu of your regular foundation. Dispense two pumps of your favourite glow booster and massage into your face and neck for an added glow.

During the summer months and especially when we are expected to wear face coverings upon leaving the house, wearing a glow booster over the top of your skincare can give you a boost of confidence. While it provides minimal to no coverage, it gives your skin that added glow and shimmer that will leave you feeling happy that you've ditched your foundation. As the formulations are incredibly light, it will also avoid your skin from becoming congested throughout the day, and should keep you safe from developing breakouts provoked by wearing masks, otherwise known as "maskne."

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